As with Forest'Anela and Fiorentini, Monte Pisanu is also a State forest protected by royal decree since 1886. It stretches among the mountains of the municipalities of Bono and Bottidda, in the Goceano, and has an overall surface area of 1994 hectares. The landscape vegetation is dominated by the Downey oak, that pushes right up over 1000 m above sea level. At lower altitudes the vegetation is constituted more by cork oaks and holm oaks. at Pedra Rujas there is a fantastic monumental cork oak. In the area of Sos Nibberos is the perhaps the forest’s main peculiarity, a biotope of millennial yews, declared as a Natural Monument in 1994, with specimens whose diameters are almost a metre and rise to over 10 in height. There is no arboreal vegetation around the summit area of Monte Rasu, the highest peak in the area. This quite small area with surface rocks, is covered by Caraway thyme, helichrysum and rockrose.