Burgos is a village of steep narrow streets, brick houses with double pitched roofs, and medieval-like alleys in its historic centre, above which rises the rocky hill on whose summit perches the castle of the same name. The museum stands in the town centre, housed in a late 19th-century mansion once home to a wealthy landowning family, the Massaiu. The manor house, recently restored and renovated has three floors.

The museum route has three thematic sections: one hosts temporary exhibitions on the theme of the castles. The second displays thematic maps pinpointing the Spanish-era coastal watchtowers of Sardinia and other key historical military strongholds on the island, which was especially vulnerable to attack from the sea on account of its geographical position at the centre of Mediterranean trade and military routes. The third section is devoted to preserving the traditional country life heritage. It takes visitors back in time, among old-time work tools and diverse utensils illustrating a variety of crafts and chores. Another area of the museum displays a collection of old and recent photographs on castles. The visit is completed by a multimedia room providing a historical overview of the about one hundred castles to be found in Sardinia.

A short walk from the museum stands the Medieval castle of Burgos. It looms isolated, atop a rocky outcrop which made it absolutely impregnable. It preserves its three sets of walls, its perimeter walls and the great tower, standing proudly to over 10 m.

The guided tour provides glimpses into the history of the island's fortresses and outposts, with a focus on its castles, and on the four 'giudicati' - or medieval kingdoms - of Sardinia.

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