The Protected Area of Sos Nibberos covers around 7 hectares and is found within the State forest of Monte Pisanu, in the territory of Bono and Bottidda. Most of its surface area is covered by yew trees, exclusively in some areas, together with hollies and Downey oaks in others. It wasn’t by chance that Sos Nibberos was declared a Natural Monument by the Councillorship for environmental protection of the Sardinian Regional Government in 1994: the yews that are found here are in some cases millennial and reach a height of around 15 m, with trunks a metre in diameter. A stream flows within the area, along which grows a rare botanical endemism particular to this area, the Arrigoni bramble (Rubus Arrigoni Camarda) with very different characteristics from the common bramble (Rubus ulmifolius) such as a larger leaf, less thorny branches, smaller infructescence with larger, less sweet, individual fruits.