A unique scenario of intense, bright colours, perfect for shooting advertisement pieces and films. The Notteri pond is located in the narrowest portion of the Capo Carbonara peninsula, the extreme southeastern tip of the island, only a few minutes from the town and modern tourist port of Villasimius. It is separated from the sea by a narrow strip of sand, the beach of same name, also called spiaggia del Giunco, and it is immersed in Mediterranean scrub. Looking down at it from the high cliff that surrounds it, a fantastic landscape greets you: a double blue field with various hues, practically two seas (another name Il Giunco is called) separated from the white of the beach. The pond, without emissaries or connections with the sea, is only half a metre deep, favouring the presence of pink flamingos that can be admired along the southeastern coast, only here and in the Colostrai and Feraxi ponds.