Anyone who passes through Villasimius is dazzled by it: a long stretch of fine white sand, a very shallow seabed and a crystal clear sea with its soft blue colour: Porto Giunco is an oasis, with colours that seem as if they were painted by an artist and have inspired numerous advertising agencies to choose it as the setting for their commercials.

All around the eucalyptus trees and the dense Mediterranean vegetation fill the air with their fragrances, while the specific position of the cove acts as a natural defence against the winds, giving you the sensation that you have reached a privileged corner of the world and creating the best possible environment for bathing in total relaxation.

The large size of the beach means that you can always find a space of your own in which you can lie down and enjoy this charming location. Porto Giunco is accessible to disabled people, has ample parking, equipment rentals, hotels, bars and a dining/refreshments area. In addition, it is the ideal destination for surfers and is loved by diving and snorkelling enthusiasts.

Behind it, there is the Stagno di Notteri, a place that the pink flamingos have chosen as their habitat. It is one of the many natural attractions in the marine protected area of Capo Carbonara. Guarding the entire area, stands the coastal tower of the same name, reminding us of times gone by, when the coastline was guarded by the Spanish, to stop invaders and marauders of the sea.

The whole Villasimius coast offers splendid scenery worthy of commercials and films: to the west of Capo Carbonara, there are the beaches of Porto sa Ruxi, Campus, Campolongu, Del Riso and Cala Caterina, while to the east of the promontory, there is Giunco, Simius, Traias,Rio Trottu, with a view of the Isola dei Cavoli and the wonderful, almost Caribbean, Punta Molentis. At the end of every intense day by the sea, in each of these heavenly locations, you can relax as the evening draws near, strolling or doing some shopping along the town streets, in a picturesque holiday locality with all the comfort you desire.