Considered one of the wonders of the Mediterranean, the beach of Piscinasconsists of kilometres of high, sinuous sand dunes, among the highest in Europe, ‘living’ and shaped by the north-westerly mistral wind, stretching from the hinterland to the sea and the home of centuries-old junipers with twisted branches, mastics, sea daffodils and old olive trees that become little woods. An environment that resembles an oriental painting.

Diving into its clear, blue sea, you can explore the seabeds, where the wreckage of an English ship has been resting for several centuries and is laden with lead and armed with a cannon. If, on the other hand, you are a surf casting enthusiast, you will be pleased to know that striped sea bream, shi drum and sea bream populate the waters.

In Piscinas, which is part of the territory of Arbus, as well as throughout the whole of the Costa Verde and the western coastline, the wind blows continuously. In fact, it is one of the most popular sites for surfers and an area in which they can surf, even in the wintertime, thanks to the long, high waves. Whether you are a wind or a kite surfer or even if you simply use a surfboard, you will nevertheless be enthusiastic. Furthermore, on the beach, you will find all the services you need: parking, rental of beach equipment, hotels, restaurants and bars.

Another fascinating experience in the territory's flora and fauna can be had close to the beach: in certain periods of the year, the Sardinian deer roams around the Mediterranean scrub, while sea turtles lay their eggs on the sand. A worthwhile walk is one along Rio Piscinas, a river that takes on a distinctive reddish colour, passing by the abandoned mines of Montevecchio(Guspini - Arbus). Don't miss your chance to visit the entire Costa Verde: from the Sabbied'Oro(Golden sands) in Pistis, the magnificent Torre dei Corsari, Marina di Arbus and PortuMaga to the oasis of Scivu, the 'talking beach' that, along with Piscinas, is a real jewel on this coastline.