Here, there are the humble workers' cottages, the luxurious management building, the mining and processing sites, the directional locations and service areas. Amongst the monuments of industrial archaeology of Montevecchio, immersed in the territory of Arbus and Guspini, you can take a historical-cultural tour to discover a “ghost world” evoked by a complex of mines, a few hundred metres from the Piscinas dunes and close to other beaches on the Costa Verde. The mining activities of the site - being one of the eight that comprise the geominerary park of Sardinia and a symbol of the UNESCO Geoparks - has endured almost a century and a half, since 1848 when King Carlo Alberto granted the first licence to Giovanni Antonio Sanna, who devised the “deal of the century”, until 1991, the year when it finally closed following decades of economic crises. It saw times of flourishment and great development, aided by technological innovations - having 1,100 workers in 1865, it was the most important mine in the Kingdom of Italy.