A large expanse of fine golden sand, two kilometres long, delimited by a cliff dotted with Mediterranean greenery, which you can reach via a downhill path, dug out of the reddish rock, demarcating the sandy shore. Marina di Arbus, is a symbol of the Costa Verde and it is about 25 kilometres from the town of Arbus. The water is crystal clear and blue, but its colours are often iridescent due to the refraction of the light on the seabed, which slopes gently, making it safe for children to play there.

The melody of colours, made up of the blue of the sea and the deep green of the broom, strawberry trees, myrtle and juniper, which cover the dunes behind it, often lead to it being referred to as the 'Caribbean in Sardinia'. The windswept beach is a popular destination for surfing enthusiasts and also for those who enjoy underwater fishing or snorkelling.