It is situated at the bottom of a valley surrounded by rolling, fertile hills covered with fruit orchards, vineyards, grain and vegetables fields. Primentel is a town of 1200 inhabitants in Trexenta. In ancient times, it was a ‘granary’ of Rome, the presence of which is apparent in the settlements of Sioccu, Villa Dei and Santu Sibippu, which was erected on top of a predating Nuragic site. Other important Nuragic sites include the ruins at Tanca Mastia and the remains of the Santu Pedru Nuraghe. The town was founded around 1670 after the unification of two villages, Nuraxi and Saceni, separated by the Funtana Brebeis river, which now crosses the town. Pramantellu (in the Campidanese dialect) is full of history, tradition and archeological sites. In the town centre, stands the Parish of Madonna del Carmine. Dating to the end of the 17th century, it houses the 19th century marble altar and an ancient hand-made organ. The church’s patron saint is celebrated in mid-July. One of the town’s (and all of Trexenta’s) oldest celebrations, also honouring the Virgin of Carmine, is called Su Cramineddu. It is associated with the Festival of S’Accodiu and includes a procession in traditional dress. In February, Madonna of Laurdes is honoured with a procession to the Caves of Sa Ruta.