They are nearby and contemporary to each other, yet different, both in terms of architectural development and decorations: these are surrounded by an aura of sacredness alongside the ‘classic’ prehistoric themes. The necropolises of Corongiu and S’Acqua Salida – also known as Pranu Efis, from the name of the locality in which it lies - are located slightly north of the town of Pimentel, just one kilometre away from each other. Carved into sandstone banks, they date back to the Final Neolithic period, between the 4th and 3rd millennium BC, but their use probably continued at least until the Early Bronze Age (18th-16th century BC). Coming from the town, first you will encounter the Domus de Janas of Corongiu. Two have been identified, a few dozen metres apart, but only the one to the east is decorated. It consists of an access well, an anteroom and a main room.