The museum is in Bitti in a house built in the ancient local style, with a portico and steps in granite and with wooden floors and ceilings, in the ancient quarter of Monte Mannu.

It takes visitors back in time, among old-time work tools, and the daily life objects of shepherds, farmers, craftsmen and housewives.

Part of the exhibition, which occupies two floors, focuses on the bread cycle, an activity that was the preserve of women: they made the crispy, wafer-thin 'carasau bread', which was one of the staple foods of farmers and shepherds. A variety of tools and implements, ploughs, scythes, and a sturdy country cart bear witness to the hard toil of the peasants and shepherds.

Other sections reconstruct the atmosphere of the shoemaker's and blacksmith's workshops, with tools now all but forgotten but which were once essential companions to these craftsmen's work.

An important section is reserved for the ultimate feminine craft: the weaving of bedspreads, here known as 'sas vrassatas': a slow patient task requiring both skill and strength in working on the horizontal loom.

Another section of this house-museum reconstructs the household's living spaces, with the period furniture and objects of past family life. Thus we find the faithful reproduction of an ancient parlour, known as 'Istanzia 'e Vonu', of the kitchen and of the bedroom.

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