Bitti is the main town of the northern Barbagia region and it was once known as Barbagia di Bitti. The raising of livestock made this area an important centre of dairy production (especially sheep milk products), a tradition that is the focus of the local Farming and Pastoral Museum set up in a traditional landowner’s home in the centre of town. One of its sections, the Multimedia Museum of Tenore Singing, celebrates the characteristic polyphonic folk singing that has made Bitti famous the world over. Here you will find the best preserved legacy of this ancestral singing technique, the most authentic relics of the archaic roots of Sardinian culture that were passed down from father to son over centuries of improvised poetry, relics that echo lives spent in fields, herding sheep and working wood. The cultural importance of this type of singing was internationally recognized when the tradition was included on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.