The Orosei Gulf is an endless source of awe. In every little bay, in every beach, you will find yourself wanting to dive in a triumph of nature and beauty. As in Cala Liberotto, about 14 kilometres from the centre of Orosei: an emerald bay with a bottom of thick golden sand, embraced by light rocks. Not far from the shore, three large rocks, easy to access thanks to the shallow bottom, rise from the water to add an exotic touch to the bay. Behind, the sos Alinos pond, surrounded by reeds and agaves, the perfect shelter for the water birds that have chosen this area to make their nests. In the surrounding Mediterranean vegetation, the summer reds and rounded shapes of prickly pears appear, together with dwarf palm trees and myrtle bushes that fill the beaches with delicious scents. The particular shape of this bay makes it a rich place for trekking paths. Prior to reaching the elevation that separates it from Cala Ginepro, another Orosei wonder made of sandy dunes pockmarked with Mediterranean scrubs and a sea of ever-changing colours, you must face a relaxing walk of a few hundred metres along a beach lined with a thick pine grove. You can get as far as the small and lovely beaches of sas Linnas Siccas and sa Curcurica.

Cala Liberotto, also buffered by the wind, in the summer months is the ideal destination for lovers of underwater fishing, while in the winter it provides surfers with plenty of excitement. It is accessible to disabled people, has a parking area, restaurants and rental of beach equipment. Around the beach you can find restaurants, hotels and camping areas. The whole area is as beautiful during the day as it is magical at night, with its intense nightlife. The vast coastal territory of Orosei is spectacular and offers others gems as well: to the south, the wide and long beach of su Petrosu, with golden sand and wild charm, and la Marina, with more than five kilometres of beautiful sand, whose segments are named su Barone, Isporoddai and Osalla. To the north, Fuile ‘e Mare, beloved by aficionados of water sports and scuba diving, and Mattanosa, with its white and pink sand, lined with Mediterranean scrubs and gently deepening bottom. Finally, in the border with the territory of Siniscola, you will find the protected oasis of Bidderosa, a natural paradise with very few rivals, not only in Sardinia.