A large sandy expanse of about four kilometres plunges into the glistening sea, with a pine forest running alongside its entire length, close to the sand dunes, separating it from a lagoon area, which is inhabited by rare water birds. The oasis of su Barone, which has recently become the ‘place of the heart’ of FAI - Fondo per l’ambiente italiano (Italian National Trust), extends south of the Marina di Orosei and is one of the longest stretches of the Orosei coastal territory. The beach is part of a large and fascinating territorial compendium, with plant and animal life biodiversity protected as a Site of Community Importance (SCI), which includes the su Petrosu pond behind the sand dunes, and passes through the mouth of the river Cedrino, reaching the neighbouring beach of Osalla. In the large unspoiled oasis, you can book excursions on horseback or you can walk or ride a mountain bike along the marked trails. You can explore the other coves of the gulf on a charter or by renting a rubber dinghy.