A coastal paradise that will leave you breathless. The beach of Capo Comino, in the territory of Siniscola, in Baronìa, has fine white sand forming gigantic white dunes, dotted with junipers, typical Mediterranean plants and rocks scattered over the sandy shore. The sea stands out, due to its unusual shade of light blue. The waters are extremely transparent and fit perfectly with the green vegetation and with the island of Ruja, a red porphyry skerry that you can swim to or reach on foot. To the south, where the area becomes rocky, there is a lighthouse, situated near the promontory that gives its name to the area.

The locality has ample parking and places for dining/refreshments. In addition, it is the ideal destination for surfers and it is very popular with underwater fishing enthusiasts. Behind the beach, there is the wetland area of the ponds ofSalina Manna and Salinedda, the home of rich lake wildlife. This natural setting was the ideal location for films made by several film directors, like Lina Wertmüller, who filmed several scenes of the film 'Swept Away' (1974) here, as well as Carroll Ballard ('Black Stallion', 1979) and Guy Ritchie ('Swept Away', 2001).

You can easily get to the beach by passing through the tourist village of La Caletta, where, as well as its well-equipped port, you can also enjoy another wonder of the Siniscola coast.

The depths, in front of Capo Comino, a few hundred yards from the shore, are a haven for diving enthusiasts: here, you will find the remains of a Roman fleet from the period of the Emperor Nero, which sank during a storm. In the same abysses, there is also the wreckage of a ship named Commandante Bafile (from 1942), as well as a small French aircraft (from 1963).