On its peak, which is over 800 metres high, stands a bronze statue of Christ, a work of art created by an artist from Madrid, Pedro Angel Terron Manrique. The sculpture is twelve metres high and it is a reproduction of the wooden statue of the holy Crucifix located inside the church of the same name in Galtellì. Thanks to the symbolic presence, Mount Tuttavista, it is a destination for pilgrimages for those who wish to meditate in a secluded place in contact with nature, along a captivating trail that climbs its slopes.

The mountain is located in Baronìa, in the territories of Galtellì, Onifai and Orosei. Its sides are delimited by the alluvial valley of the Cedrino river. From the peak, you can see a 360 degree panorama of the surrounding territory: to the south, there is Dorgali with mount Irveri, to the west the Cedrino river, Galtellì, Loculi and Irgoli, to the northwest the long Monte Albo mountain range and to the east the Gulf of Orosei.