Tuili stretches along the base of a beautiful natural context, in the middle of Marmilla. Tuili, a village with 1,000 inhabitants, is a great place for setting off on excursions through the Giara park, part of which falls within its territory, including the greater marsh and Monte Zepparedda. On the plateau, woods of cork oaks and holm oaks, Mediterranean scrub, ancient olive trees, meadows and marshes alternate. In addition to the famous horse, there are also weasels, hares, martens, fox and birds of prey: the northern goshawk, peregrine falcon and common buzzard. Paulis have created ecological niches, in turn forming the habitat of invertebrate species dating back to 200 million years ago. Archaeological sites are scattered throughout the surrounding countryside, the finds from which are kept in the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari. In Santa Elisa, there is an obsidian workshop, Phoenician-Punic remains are in the Nuridda area, and a Roman settlement is in Santa Elisabetta.