The beach of the Spiaggia Centrale (central beach) is in the wide Gulf of Orosei and has a layer of light, large-grained sand mixed with pebbles and framed by cliffs. Its clear, transparent water has changing hues, partly reflecting the surrounding Mediterranean greenery.

The Spiaggia Centrale lies in the Calagonone locality, belonging to the Municipality of Dorgali, and can be easily reached following Panoramic State Road 125, taking the turnoff for Calagonone: close to the village of Calagonone, there are road signs to the beach.

The beach has a broad range of services: it has a large parking area, hotels and bars nearby, and a beach kiosk. The shallow waters make it a child-friendly beach. It is a favourite among breath-hold spear fishermen and snorkelers. The area is also renowned as a nightlife hotspot.