A spectacular and comfortable holiday destination that looks out onto the northern part of the Gulf of Orosei. Osalla is a delightful cove with a little, unspoilt beach, set in greenery, in the territory of Dorgali, as well as a large beach next to the territory of Orosei, situated at the mouth of the Cedrino river, which forms a pond behind it that is frequented by numerous aquatic birds. They are separated by a little promontory that does not differentiate them very much: both are magnificent, except that the waters in the territory of Orosei are immediately deep, with a shoal 30 metres from the water's edge.

The cove of Osalla is separated from the ‘Spiaggione’ (big beach) of the same name by a rocky spur, which is easy to reach on foot, where a little mooring harbour has been created for tourist boats and fishermen's boats. The sand is quite fine and the seabed is shallow, making it suitable for families and a place in which children can play, but also for snorkelling enthusiasts.

The beach of Osalla is a long (almost five kilometres) stretch of fine, golden sand, protected and delimited by dark reefs, that offers a solitary and unusual appeal. Next to it, there is a lovely pine forest, ideal for relaxing in the afternoon, while the Osala rivulet flows parallel to the beach and can be crossed via small bridges. Its waters are transparent and iridescent blue in colour, because of the play of light created by the reflection of the sun on the seabed. Another play of colour comes from the green of the dense, enchanting Mediterranean scrub that surrounds it. The seabed is a little deeper and is the destination of surfers and divers.

In the area of the coves, there is ample parking, accommodation and places for dining/refreshments, as well as beach equipment rental services. Osalla is easy to get to from Dorgali, passing by the famous grotto of Ispinigoli, which undoubtedly deserves a visitbefore taking a dip, and they are approximately four kilometres from the sea. From Orosei, however, you move southwards, passing through Su Petrosu.