The impressive Montalbo dominates the landscape: this 'Sardinian dolomite', with its white rocks, looks out onto 25 kilometres of coastline, half of which are of fine, light sand. Siniscola is a small town with twelve thousand inhabitants, the most highly-populated in the Baronie area, second in the province of Nuoro and 50 kilometres from Olbia. In the Roman period it was Portus Lugudonis, a station along the coast leading to Karalis. Around it, the scenery is varied: limestone elevations, gorges and cliffs, hills and plains, pastures and vineyards, lagoons and beaches, perfect places for trekking, horse-riding, speleology, free climbing and surfing. Along the silver ridge of Mount Albo, you can enjoy evocative itineraries, once trails for coal merchants and shepherds, with archaeological sites and pinnettos, holm oak forests and Mediterranean scrub, populated by the mouflon, the golden eagle and the red-billed chough.