A location set in the greenery of a pine forest that surrounds a long white beach with a crystal clear sea. San Giovanni is a delightful village just over three kilometres from one of the most important towns in Baronìa, Posada, and near the large and well-equipped tourist port of the renowned La Caletta in Siniscola. It is the ideal place for anyone wishing to spend their holidays in a relaxing environment, a stone's throw from the sea, especially for families.

All the beaches of Posada, San Giovanni, Su Tiriarzu, Iscraios, Due Pini and Orvile, have been receiving the prestigious Cinque Vele Legambiente recognition for many years, thanks to the attention focused on their protection, ensuring that they remain true natural oases. Along the coast, you can enjoy various water sports like sailing, underwater recreational fishing, wind and kite surf, beach sports like beach tennis and beach volley and you can ride along the coastline on a bike or on horseback.

The tourist locations to stay at in Posada are in the old town centre, the outskirts and, of course, the village of San Giovanni, with hotels, residences and numerous bed&breakfasts and holiday homes. The entire Posada valley is an attraction, not only for its sea and beaches, but also for its extremely high environmental-natural value and for its history. Posada is one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Sardinia. It is perched on a hill and has impressive city walls. From above, the landscape is dominated by the Castello della Fava, an ancient stronghold built by the judges of Gallura in the 8th century, which can also be visited on foot. Its valley is perfect for nature-lovers, who can set out to discover the Rio Posada river that crosses the plain and can be travelled down in a canoe, allowing you to admire the pink flamingos that populate it, or the lake of Maccheronis, in the territory of Torpè. It is also the perfect destination for those who want to go on a journey back in time to prehistoric Sardinia, with its Nuraghe and tombs of the giants.