A part of the Tepilora oasis regional park, one of Sardinia’s most verdant areas, falls under the jurisdiction of Torpè. In it are some 8,000 hectares of pristine woods dotted with springs and boulders shaped by time, streams and trails, as well as wildlife protection areas where mountain goats and deer thrive. Within the woods are the su Lidone and Usinavà forests, with more than a thousand hectares of oak and cork trees, as well as classic Mediterranean brush, all dotted with granite outcrops that time and weather have eroded into a variety of shapes. Make sure you see Lake Maccheronis, around which there are cycle paths and the sa Dea pine stand. The highest concentration of holm oak trees can be found at Badd’e Cabras and at sa Figu, where you will also find red juniper, arbutus and mastic trees.