It reaches almost 400 metres in height on the northern slope of Montiferru, surrounded by olive groves and centuries-old woods of holm oaks, oaks and strawberry trees, whilst being dotted with springs that are famed for their beneficial effects. Scano di Montiferro is a town of 1,500 inhabitants between Oristano and Bosa, a half-hour drive from the west coast, founded on the cultivation of vineyards and olive trees, from which derives a prized (and award-winning) olive oil. Another renowned activity is honey production. The Logudorese-speaking village has deep-rooted customs: Su Cuncordu, a chant that has accompanied the rituals of Holy Week for centuries, traditional dances and festivities such as the Fuochi di Sant’Antonio Abate, the Carnevale Iscanesu in which the archaic mask of s’Ainu Orriadore is the protagonist, Sa Festa ‘e Totta ‘Idda (every four years) and Sa Feast Manna in honour of St. Peter the Apostle, at the end of June.