The horizon was once scanned from its towers to spot enemies, agreements were made and treaties were signed within its walls, and refuge was desperately sought before leaving the Island forever. The Montiferru castle, known as Casteddu Ezzu, holds ancient memories in its ruins, where history fades into legend and where political intrigue, thwarted loves and betrayals followed one another, before being abandoned to oblivion, symbolically testifying to the end of a legendary period in Sardinian history.

The fortress, perched on a basaltic hill of the Montiferru massif, just over three kilometres from Cuglieri, was built by Ittocorre, brother of Judge Barisone II, to better control the southern border of the Judicate of Torres. It undoubtedly already existed in 1196, since it is mentioned in a document, while it became a possession of the judges of Arborea during the 13th century. With the Aragonese conquest, it ceded to the noble Spanish Zatrillas family in the fifteenth century.