The small cove opens up to the majestic profile of Tavolara, with a seabed of fine sand with glittery reflections, transparent, shallow waters, and rocks smoothed by the wind. Puntaldìa, whose name, meaning sighting point, reveals the strategic importance of this place, is the northernmost tip of the Cinta, and is the continuation of the symbol-beach of San Teodoro. They are separated by the small mouth of the Teodoro lagoon. The splendid coast of Lu Impostu is its northern boundary. Here you will find small coves with rocks made even more beautiful by the Mediterranean scrub: follow the tracks among the rocks to go from one cove to another.

Puntaldìa is particularly advised because it is sheltered from the wind and has shallow waters, making it perfect for children. It is also loved by windsurfers, who can practice just out of the bay, where the wind hits. It is a popular destination among water sports, scuba diving and golf lovers. The beach has diving centres that will take you to countless diving points within the protected marine area of Capo Coda Cavallo: the shallows del Papa and di Washington, the Molara wreck and the Molarotto rock.

The beach is located in the area to the south of modern Marina di Puntaldìa. There are many high-level hotels, tourist resorts and golf courses in the area. The residential part has, in addition to the tourist port, a small piazza with restaurants, cafés, shops and nightclubs where you can enjoy the summer nightlife. It has all necessary services and amenities: plenty of parking space, camping sites, beach equipment rental and restaurants. Houses, residences and other hospitality activities are a perfect match for the Mediterranean sea, the white sand and the turquoise sea. During your vacation in San Teodoro, a tourist gem in the southeastern Gallura, do not miss its beaches: from splendid Cinta to two twin paradises, Lu Impostu and Cala Brandinchi, including the beautiful s’Isuledda.