The most emblematic beach, La Cinta, closes itself up north with Puntaldìa. Right after the promontory, you will find two other San Teodoro jewels, with such beautiful sand and sea that it is hard to pick a favourite. One is called Lu Impostu (“place of shipping”), a name whose origins are unknown – perhaps it was once a trade post and shipping place. What we do know is that it is a natural work of art, one of the main attractions in the Gallura. One kilometre long and very wide, this beach is made of dunes of very fine and soft sand, white and glittery, dotted with juniper trees and mimosas, thistles and sea lilies. The clear water reflects sunbeams, looking anything from azure to green. The shallow bottom is perfect for children; it is mostly sandy and gently deepens as you move away from the shoreline.

The northernmost boundary of Lu Impostu is Puntaldìa, while its southern boundary is with Capo Capicciolu, beyond which another San Teodoro wonder appears: Cala Brandichini. In front stretches the Capo Coda Cavallo peninsula, while a bit further to the north looms the majestic island of Tavolara. Together, they make up a protected marine area that also includes Lu Impostu, behind which lies San Teodoro’s second largest pond, which communicates with the sea through a channel to the south of the beach. All around is swamp vegetation and Mediterranean scrub, helping turn this location into a naturalistic museum. Further south, in the boundary with the San Teodoro territory, a touristic pearl in Sardinia, you will find another beautiful beach, s’Isuledda.

Lu Impostu ensures all amenities and services: it is accessible to disabled people and has plenty of parking space (for campers as well), restaurants, and rental agencies for boats and beach equipment. Nearby you will find camping sites, hotels, restaurants, disco clubs, emergency clinics and information office.