Transparent waters with infinite shades of blue, emerald green and turquoise appear before your eyes. If you want to experience a true natural paradise, you can disembark in heavenly places and swim in the sea where you will find the rare beauty of the islands of Piana and Cavalli, located in the marine area of Tavolara - Punta Coda Cavallo. On the small island of Cavalli, which you can get to via sea following the indications to the park, you will find a beach of light, fine, firm sand, surrounded by lush Mediterranean scrub. All around, the sea is crystal clear and its waters are shallow. A little way out, rocks stand out of the water, signalling the route for boats. In the distance, off the shore of Porto San Paolo and to the east of its 'little sister', you will notice larger Isola Piana. Here, there are various little beaches of fine sand, which is a greyish colour with hints of pink and ochre. On the horizon, you will see in the shallow waters, smooth rocks with tinges of pink and yellow, typical of the Gallura coast.

As well as the two little islands, you can use private boats or organized tours to visit the whole protected area stretching from Capo Ceraso to Isola Ruia, to the south of Capo Coda Cavallo: 76 kilometres of coast in the territories of Loiri Porto San Paolo, Olbia and San Teodoro and 15 thousand hectares of sea. You can admire the impressive granite island of Tavolara and the red porphyry rocks of Molara. Touching strips of land covered in Mediterranean Scrub, you will come across the islands of Porri, Topi, Drago and the little island of Rosso. Between one stop and another, during navigation, you can dive into the crystal clear waters and explore the marvellous seabed. You can do some breathtaking diving, like living in a documentary at Punta del Papa, in the shallows of Punta Arresto and in that to the north-east of the rock of Molarotto. You will find yourself in places rich in varieties of fish and marked by the passage of whales and dolphins, and where it is common to find the remains of ships and boats from any age, among which the mysterious shipwreck of Molara that lies at a depth of approximately 40 metres. This is a 19th century motorsailer, 70 metres long and with a tonnage of over 2 thousand tonnes (at the time already a beautiful 'antique'), on its way to Marseilles from Syria. It was sunk by an English submarine stationed in that part of the Tyrrhenian sea, perhaps during the Second World War.