The most famous beach of San Teodoro in one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful natural landscapes, accessible on foot from the northern outskirts of the town. The Cinta creates a 5-km arch of dunes of fine white sand that gently fade, without any rocks in sight, into a clear azure sea, scented with juniper, sea lilies and strawflowers, embellishing a landscape that has remained uncontaminated, in spite of its popularity. Its bottom is shallow and clear: this beach is beloved by families with children, teenagers and nature lovers.

The Cinta faces, towards the sea, the marine area of Punta Coda Cavallo – Tavolara Island, which rises from the sea with its majestic profile almost in front of the bay, and, towards the hinterland, the San Teodoro lagoon.

Thanks to its environmental variety, this is a lively corner of biodiversity where relaxing by the sea and a taste for adventure blend together nicely.

It is the ideal place for long walks. Try some bird watching and admire coots, little terns, red herons and mallard ducks living undisturbed in the lagoon. If you wish to admire pink flamingos from up close, you will be amazed: countless of these birds inhabit the salty waters near the dunes. The beach has all necessary amenities: parking area, tourist information spot (to better organise itineraries around the area), beach bar, beach equipment rental, canoe and paddleboat rental, excursions by dinghy boat, fishing excursions, water sports, sailing and kite surf lessons. For this exciting speciality, there is an area dedicated to lovers of active vacation (the kite zone).

La Cinta is a symbol of San Teodoro, and is closed, to the north, by Puntaldia. Soon after the promontory, you will find two of nature’s works of art, separated from each other by Capo Capicciolu: Lu Impostu, one kilometer of fine, white, soft sand, dotted with juniper trees and mimosas, and Cala Brandinchi, also known as Tahiti, one of the island’s main attractions. Further south, you will find s’Isuledda, no less beautiful, with its lovely sand and clear water.