It is also known as Tahiti. CalaBrandinchi is one of the most attractive and highly-frequented beaches, especially popular with international tourism, in Sardinia. It is located in Capo Coda Cavallo, almost opposite the impressive island of Tavolara, in the territory of San Teodoro. When you look at it, you will be struck above all by the light, almost dazzling colour of the sand. This intense white colour is a stunning contrast against the light blue turquoise water, with darker patches where rocks emerge, often a habitat for the rich marine wildlife. This stretch of sea is much-loved by snorkelling enthusiasts, because of the surprises it has in store for them every time they explore its waters.

Around the bay, there are well-kept gardens, a large pine forest and little dunes protecting a heavenly corner of the northeastern part of the Island. The beach also has a pier that welcomes small pleasure boats. History tells us that on 17 October 1867, after escaping from Caprera, Giuseppe Garibladi set off from here to free Rome, aided by the inhabitants of the place.

CalaBrandinchi is one of the most famous beaches in the whole of Gallura and is the brightest jewel in the San Teodoro area, which boasts numerous other beautiful gems along the coast. For example, there is the bordering 'sister' beach of Lu Impostu, another work of art, separated from each other by Capo Capicciolu. Slightly further south, separated by the promontory of Punta Aldìa, there is the curving beach of La Cinta, the symbol San Teodoro and five kilometres of fine, white sand dunes. On one side, there are the waters of the protected marine area and, on the inland side, there is the lagoon of San Teodoro. Further south, almost on the edge of the San Teodoro territory, you will find s'Isuledda that, with its beautiful beach and transparent sea, is as beautiful as all the other beaches.