This complex stands on a trachyte hill and includes about 10 tombs with entrance corridor (dromos) and several chambers. Some chambers have carved architectural features resembling those of actual houses (steps, skirting boards, strips, frames, lintels, semi-circular ceilings and pillars) and symbols such as false doors and bull heads, decorated with red ochre. Artefacts which came to light during excavations would seem to belong to the cultures of Ozieri, Filigosa, Abealzu, Monte Claro, Bell beaker and Bonnanaro (3200-1600 BC). On the top of the hill stands the nuraghe Santu Pedru, now in ruins and which cannot be visited. perhaps it was a single-tower structure, built in rough-hewn trachyte blocks.

Drive out of Alghero and take SS 127 bis to Uri and Ittiri. once past the turnoff for Olmedo, drive on for a further 2.4 km: at the end of a long straight stretch and right after a right-hand curve, at km 24.5, you will find the archaeological area

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