The town is situated not far from the slopes of Mt. Rosso, an area marked by limestone and volcanic rock, a treasure trove of archaeological treasures. Some four thousand people live in Olmeda, a growing town in the heart of Nurra, 10 km from Alghero about 20 from Sassari. The dialect spoken here is logudorese, graced with phonetic accents borrowed from Sassarese. The town’s name indicates that there was once an extensive woods of elm trees, some of which still grow here today, although oak, cork and Mediterranean shrubbery is now more abundant. Livestock farming is the town’s main form of sustenance and its dairy products are excellent: pecorino, mustia ricotta and bonassai (a rectangular caciotta). The spiny artichoke stands out among the crops grown here. In early September they have the Olmedo Produces arts and crafts fair featuring embroidery, wood carving, weaving, wrought iron and fine honey.