Arising on a small hill, the town is surrounded by other modest reliefs in an area containing fascinating pre-Nuragic architecture that has been carefully restored. Putifigari is an agropastoral town with just over 700 inhabitants in the Turritanu region of Logudoro, 15 kilometres from Alghero and 27 from Sassari. These lands have been inhabited since Neolithic times, as can be seen by an exceptional monument: the necropolis of Monte Siseri, ten kilometres from the town, dated from between 3200 and 2600 BC and consisting of four Domus de Janas extracted in an outcrop of pink tuff. A stand-out is the Domude s’Incantu or the ‘tomb of painted architecture’, one of the most spectacular of the island, with decorations that show the artistic mastery achieved in the 3rd millennium BC by the Proto-Sardinian people.