Lying on the Abbasanta plateau, it offers a panoramic view of Lago Omodeo and the Chenale valley, coloured by woods of oak and sessile oak, Mediterranean scrub and orchids, interlaced with paths and interspersed with ‘healing’ springs. Norbello is a town with 1,200 inhabitants in Guilcer, on the border between the provinces of Oristano and Nuoro, having seen continuous expansion and a strong agricultural-pastoral marking, including with the breeding of Sardinian Anglo-Arab horses. Nature, cultural vivaciousness, a textile tradition and oenogastronomy have earned its inclusion amongst the most authentic villages of Italy. The urban architecture is quite evocative, with the streets and squares being enriched by monuments and paved with basalt. Even the façades of the houses and shops are in dark stone, the balconies decorated with geraniums.