Boroneddu is set on a basalt plateau that slopes gently down to the valley of Lake Omodeo, a natural oasis that is perfect for long walks, surrounded by holm oaks and Mediterranean brush, against the backdrop of the Barigadu mountains. This tiny village with a population of 150 falls into the territory of Guilcer, and has been an independent municipality since 1988, after being under the governance of Ghilarza for 60 years. Once part of the Arborea Giudicato, it is mentioned for the first time in the condaghe of Santa Maria di Bonarcado with its original name of Orene - elsewhere written as Borene. Of the original medieval village, only the Novenario di San Salvatore remains, two kilometres outside the village. The church, which has been renovated and expanded over the centuries, has its own muristenes, lodgings for pilgrims during the novenas.