Entering the ‘heart’ of Mt. Nieddu is a non-stop nature discovery tour: wild mouflons, foxes and wild boar roam in their habitat and the golden eagle nests here, and you’ll never know when one will appear circling in the skies high above you. The stunning granite massif rises in the southernmost part of Gallura, between the territories of Padru and San Teodoro. From its peaks, Punta Majore and Punta Coloredda, and from the observation points marked along the trails, the view spans from Gennargentu to the marvellous beaches of San Teodoro all the way to the island of Tavolara. The paths in the woods, home to a wide variety of wild mushrooms, are suitable for everyone and have rest areas equipped for picnics.

A picturesque forest of oak and juniper trees is home to the waterfalls and pools of Rio Pitrisconi. They are fed by a river bearing the same name, one of the few Sardinian streams that flows all year long. Over time, water erosion on the granite has slowly carved a gorge with natural pools, little lakes onto which the green of the Mediterranean vegetation is reflected, and a scenic waterfall featuring several drops.