Fonni stands on the northern side of Gennargentu, in the heart of Barbagia. Its one thousand metres of altitude make it a skiing destination. In the wintertime, there is heavy snowfall and the available ski-lift facilities on the mountains are Spadaand Bruncu Spina (1829 metres). As well as the snowy white peaks, Fonni offers captivating colours in every season: peony, gentian, dog-rose and purpurea flowers are a stunning backdrop for the forests. In spring, it is the ideal environment for spectacular and arduous trekking trails along the slopes of Gennargentu. A nature reserve in which you can observe various rare animal species.

In the village's most ancient districts there are typical mountain dwellings, the roofs of which are made from scandulas, ancient wooden shingles. A walk will allow you to discover the distinctive murals and, if you need to choose a specific date for your visit, during Autumn in Barbagia, don't miss the cortes apertas, ancient houses, loggias and wine cellars which make stay open, as an exception, for visitors during the event. In the centre, you can visit the Late Gothic-style church of San Giovanni Battista, the sanctuary of the Vergine dei Martiri, alonside which there are the Franciscan convent and the Oratory of San Michele and the Museum of Pastoral Culture,set up in a 19thcentury manor house, where you can relive the pace of the agricultural-pastoral life that once characterized the village.

The most ancient remains found in the territory date back to the Nuragic period. Not to be missed is the archaeological site of Gremanu, linked to the Madaunecropolis, consisting of four Tombs of Giants shaped like the head of a bull (an ancient Sardinian divinity). The settlement, dating back to between the 15th and 9th centuries BC, is famous for the hydraulic engineering work that used the water from the numerous springs in the area for sacred rituals and for daily needs.