The State forest of Bingionniga, in the central part of the province of Ogliastra, almost entirely falls within the territory of the municipality of Jerzu and a very small portion of Tertenia. It has a surface area of 422 hectares and is extremely characteristic for its calcareous formations that tower up towards the sky, the so called ‘heels’ of Ogliastra, and for its endemic flora. The geological make up of the land in the forest is constituted by a complex of dolomitic limestone and includes the characteristic heels of the calcareous towers that give an evocative imprint to the whole territory. There are a number of watercourses in the area: the Riu Moliapas, Riu Alusti and Riu Su Crabiolu. The forest is predominantly made up of holm oak woods and has an under wood of beautiful specimens of strawberry trees, broom and viburnum. The Mediterranean brush is of a luxuriant green with bushes of rockrose, lentisk and heather. In the rocky area is a flora rich in rare and endemic species, as well as battered mountain bush formations. Among the endemic species, of great importance are specimens of toadflax, summer savoury, candytuft, heather, coronilla and turpentine tree.