As many as four kilometres of pebbles shaped by time, the habitat of is coccorroccius, sea snails. The Coccorrocci beach, a pearl of Marina di Gairo, is named after these little animals, and is characterised by a very beautiful natural landscape. Mounts Ferru and Cartucceddu loom over the coast with their red porphyry rocks and juniper trees frame the beach with green and fill it with inebriating scents. The volcanic pebbles range from white to pink, from grey to greenish, and gradually fade as they disappear into the crystalline sea. Thanks to the clear water, you can admire the sea bottom, rich with marine flora and fauna. The shoreline is perfect for long, relaxing walks.

Coccorrocci, one of the most famous beaches of Ogliastra, is equipped with hotels. To the north, it confines with Marina di Cardedu, with the splendid Perdepera island in particular, and to the south with Marina di Tertenia, divided by a promontory you can cross in a long trekking session all the way to enchanting Foxi Manna beach. Along the Gairo coast, do not miss another little gem that looks like heaven: the su Sirboni beach (“the wild boar”), also called Cala Francese. Ultra-fine and white sand that dives into the clear azure sea with shallow bottom for many metres, lined with thick green vegetation. Never crowded, this beach has a wild, uncontaminated charm.

For lovers of active tourism, the beach is perfect for trekking, photography, bird watching, Nordic walking and orienteering. Not far from the beach – only a twenty-minute walk – you can enjoy the natural pools fed by the water from the su Accu ‘e axina spring, from Mount Ferru: red porphyry rocks emerge among the lush vegetation, embracing majestic water bodies where you can bathe as you like.