It is situated on the slopes of the hill of San Giovanni, between the gorges of the Imbessu river and the Riu Maiori, between upper Marmilla and Sarcidano. The territory of Asuni, a small village with less than 400 inhabitants in the Brabaxanna (`door of the Barbagia') area, is characterized by the charming places in the valley of Misturadroxiu-Maiori, dating back to the Paleozoic era. They look like paintings: you can observe lush cork oak and holm oak woods, sheer rock faces, shady valleys running alongside the watercourses and caves dotted everywhere, particularly Su Stampu de Muscione Mannu, in the locality of Costa Ualla. Quarries and mines also appear (Piscina Porcus and Molinu de Jossu) from which a famous type of marble was once extracted.