Zeddiani rises up within fertile terrain characterised by fields planted with cereals and vineyards. A small town with just 1,100 inhabitants ten kilometres from the Campidano of Oristano sub-region, Zeddiani is known for its excellent agricultural products and handicrafts, especially textiles. Stand-out products include the wine production, such as the famous Vernaccia, a sweet and fragrant wine, and vegetables - especially tomatoes - to which the Sagra del Pomodoro (tomato festival) is dedicated in mid-August, presenting a great opportunity to taste typical dishes.

Around the town with medieval origins is evidence of Nuragic settlements, in particular the Nuraghe Couau and Nuraghe Urigu. Over the centuries the town has changed name several times, from Cellayani, to Cellevane, then Seleiani. All have the common Latin matrix of cellarium, being 'warehouse', a place where crops and especially wheat were stored.