The village is located a few kilometres from the spectacular cliffs and splendid beaches of the Sinis peninsula, on the banks of the Foghe rivulet, on a fertile plain surrounded by lagoons and inhabited since prehistoric times, as shown by the presence of about ten nuraghi (some frequented in the Punic period). Riola Sardo is an agricultural village with just over two thousand inhabitants in the Campidano part of Oristano, once famous for its cereal crops and nowadays for producing fruit, vegetables and wine, especially Vernaccia. The sea, the river and the ponds of is Benas, Sale Porcus and Cabras have always been traditional fishing areas. Campidano ‘courtyard’ houses made of mud bricks (ladiri), with stone gateways and wooden architraves characterise the old village centre: the seventeenth-century Casa Carta, a charming aristocratic dwelling.