The village is situation on the foothills of the basalt plateau of Abbasanta, bordered to the north by the spurs of Montiferru and to the south by the plains of Alto Campidano, a particularly fertile area with numerous springs. Bauladu is a small village with a population of around 700, 18 kilometres from Oristano, and which regained independence in 1946 after being united with Milis in 1927. The local economy is mainly based on a flourishing agriculture in the flatter areas, while the hilly territory is used as pasture. The name means ‘wide ford’, with reference to the ford of the River Cispiri, which crosses the territory and after joining the riu Mare Foghe, feeds into the Stagno di Cabras. There is a large nature reserve in this area, home to rare reptiles including the Aesculapian and Sardinian snakes.