Ussaramanna is set in a valley between the Parco della Giara (Sa Jara Manna) and the ‘giara minore’ of Siddi, in a splendid natural setting. An agro-pastoral village, Ussaramanna has just over 500 inhabitants in lower Marmilla. Its territory is covered by expanses of wheat, almond groves, vineyards and olive groves, from which derive excellent olive oil and Malvasia and Nuragus wines. Close to the giara of Siddi there is a lush green oasis of Mediterranean extracts, including aloe, laurel, chamomile, milk thistle, myrtle, rosemary, sage and thyme. Aromatic herbs have boosted the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors - from which valuable essential oils are obtained - and are the protagonists of cooking delectable recipes. Celebrated in May is an exhibition of wild herbs, with conferences and tastings, combined with craft exhibition and the Sagra de sa Pardula, a food festival dedicated to a local dessert made with ricotta or cheese.