A vast expanse of flowering almond trees graces the winter landscape around a small town in what is known as the alta Marmilla, near Monte Arci. Baressa is a town in the Province of Oristano and boasts some 700 inhabitants. It is known above all for its groves of almond trees, the fruit of which is celebrated during the sagra della mandorla (almond festival) and almond market, an event that attracts many visitors who come to enjoy bread-making demonstrations and samplings of such traditional baked goods as amaretti, gateau, gueffus e pan’e sapa. The sagra is also a great chance to stop in at the workshops of is artis, or the traditional crafts which include baskets, scatteddus, made of cane and olive branches. The area is also celebrated for its wine and olive oil. Don’t miss a visit to the grove of over a thousand ancient olive trees that belongs to the parco Marrogali, located outside of town. Here you will also find a spacious oak woods ideal for a nice excursion.