Seen from above it looks like an oddly inverted ‘T’ with steep high walls. But that alone is not what makes it so special: the southern end has a reddish hue and the interior is home to Nuragic and pre-Nuragic remains, including a Giants’ tomb considered the best preserved in Sardinia. The Giara di Siddi, also known as su Pranu, is one of three basalt tables of the Marmilla created between 2 to 5 million years ago by flowing lava. Over time, the weather eroded the sandstone rock while solidified layers of lava remained at a higher level to give origin to, aside from the Giara di Siddi, also those known as Serri and as sa Jara Manna (or Giara di Gesturi), the largest of the three and the habitat of the famous horses.