The charm of its landscape did not escape Salvatore Quasimodo's attention and he dedicated a lyric poem to it. Siliqua, a municipality with nearly four thousand inhabitants in the lower Sulcis area, dominated by a legendary castle, is located in the valley of the Cixerri river, which marked its historical events, for better and for worse. Its territory occupies part of Mount Arcosu, the largest WWF reserve in Italy, with almost four thousand hectares of forest, in the centre of which there are holm oaks and cork oaks and where the Sardinian deer and the fallow deer roam free. The lush vegetation is moistened by water from the torrents that sometimes 'cascade' like the waterfall of Su Spistiddatroxiu. The trails leading to Mount Lattias will take you through unspoilt environments, with strips of primary holm oak forest, huge oak trees, yew trees and fragrant Mediterranean shrubs. The famous springs of Zinnigas, with their low mineral content water, are nearby.