The name of Vallermosa derives from the Spanish hermosa, meaning ‘beautiful and fertile valley’, in a word ‘ridente’ (Italian for ‘delightful’). Vallermosa, a village of the Iglesiente subdivision with around 2,000 inhabitants, lies in a valley bordered by two streams at the foot of Monte Cuccurdoni Mannu, on the eastern borders of the Monte Linas massif. It is 15 kilometres from Villacidro, thirty from Iglesias and 45 from Cagliari. The Campidanese houses in clay brick with artistic gates embellish the historic districts of Prazz'e Cresia, Cruxi Santa, Cabina e s'Ecca Manna. In the centre stands the parish church of San Lucifero, dating back to the 17th-18th century. In the countryside, the Santuario di Santa Maria can be admired, near which stand the Roman baths (3rd-4th century A.D.). The local festivals feature a jubilation of colours and sounds of traditional garments and musical rhythms. The patron saint is celebrated on 20th May, Santa Maria between 7th and 9th September with a procession from the parish to the country church and a spectacular torchlight procession on its return.