Its plain, crossed by the Cixerri river and bounded by hills extending as far as Monte Arcosu, has seen uncovered a precious heritage from prehistory to the early Middle Ages. Villaspeciosa is a town of 2,500 inhabitants on the border between Campidano di Cagliari, being twenty kilometres away, and Sulcis-Iglesiente. Its 'courtyard' houses are arranged around the parish church of the Beata Vergine Assunta, built in the late 16th century and safeguarding the famous 'Crocifisso Doloroso'. Inside the municipal park, in a churchyard paved in stone, stands the unique church of San Platano, whose Byzantine worship was introduced along with that of Sant'Antioch, as told by a mural at the entrance of the village. The saint is celebrated in August with a procession accompanied by goccius and launeddas, associated with the Sagra de s’abiu (Alder fair).