The temple is dedicated to the African saint who, according to the tradition of the goccius (liturgical chants), was the brother of St. Antiochus, patron saint of Sardinia. The church of San Platano is a small building in Romanesque style that rises up in a park on the outskirts of Villaspeciosa, an agricultural village along the state highway 130, halfway between Cagliari and Iglesias. Built in the first quarter of the 12th century was the sanctuary Sancti Platani which, in 1141, was owned by the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of St Victor in Marseille. It is to them that we owe its construction, which not surprisingly reflects the characteristics of French mastery, as well as that of later Pisan Romanesque period. Throughout the centuries, it has undergone numerous restorations that have not changed its layout nor the priceless historical and artistic value.