The residential area and surrounding countryside stretch along the foot of a small hill on which a crucifix has been placed. Sarroch is a village with over fifty thousand inhabitants and is about twenty kilometres from Cagliari. Its courtyard houses built with mud bricks and stone, with beautiful portals, decorate the old town centre. Villa d'Orri stands out and is the only royal dwelling on the Island. Built at the end of the 18th century, it was the summer residence of the Savoys (King Charles Felix and his queen) and has marvellous furniture inside it, as well as a beautiful park. During the Festivity of Sant'Efisio (1 May), it is the place that hosts the simulacrum of the saint, also overnight, during the journey to Nora: the passage is an evocative and heartfelt moment for the Sarroch community. The next day, the carriage sets off again on its pilgrimage through the village in the direction of Villa San Pietro.